Couple's Date Night Ideas

Date ideas for couples and all of you married folks!

Dating is not just for high schoolers and teens, Its important for couples to find some time to go on dates as well! Try setting apart one night each week as "Date Night" - This will be great time for you and your significant other to grow closer together and have some fun. This does not have to cost a lot of money, in fact some of the best dates are cheap. The most important thing is that you are together, spending time doing the things you enjoy. So make arrangements with a baby-sitter its Date Night!

Date Night Ideas

  • Take a class together! Its fun to spend time learning together and finding new talents
  • Go shopping for a new piece of furniture or something for the house you have always wanted.

  • Make a list of goals and plans for when you retire - Its fun no matter how far out that day may be.
  • Read a book together.
  • Make dinner together, or bake cookies.
  • Go Miniature Golfing
  • Play your favorite bored game
  • Build a snowman—Have a snowball fight - you dont have to be "grown up" all the time!
  • Plan for an upcoming family trip or a vacation
  • Find an open spot away from city lights and look up at the night stars.
  • Wash your car/s together.
  • Go through family photos and reminisce.
  • Visit places that are special to you in your relationship - maybe its that park where you first held hands.
  • Rent a movie, buy some s'more supplies, grab a laptop, blankets and pillows. Then, go to your backyard and build a small fire, lay down the blankets/pillows. Make s'mores and cuddle next to the toasty fire, all the while enjoying a movie of your choice on the laptop.~ Aaron
  • Go to a state park and feed the animals ~ Sarah
  • Rent a Kung Fu movie. The really old Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee ones are best. Get Chinese take-out and eat it on the floor. ~ Grant
  • Have a movie with lots of junk food and play board games and make coookies.and later on in the night star gaze on a little hill and count endlessly. ~ Carla and Kali
  • Make lunch together and put it in a picnic basket, grab a few blankets and go cloud watching together. ~Melissa
  • Go to a park and just swing on the swings! it will bring back child hood memories and give you lots to talk about while swinging ~ Nicola


Obviously this is one of our smaller lists. We are looking for more great Date Night Ideas to add to it - If you know any fun couples date night ideas, please share them will us!

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