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Outdoor Date Ideas

Feeling outdoorsy?  When the weather is nice—or even when its not, there are so many great things to do outside!  Outdoor dates can be a ton of fun, and there are so many options.  We have a constantly growing list of the most exciting things to do outside on a date.

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Outdoor Date Ideas

  • Make kites—go to a local park to fly them.
  • Go for a bike ride in your neighborhood—maybe find a tandem bicycle to borrow or rent.
  • Go look for luck by hunting for some four-leaf clovers.
  • Go to the park and feed the birds
  • Play “Tackle Football” - ON YOUR KNEES
  • Go to random spots in your hometown and take pictures
  • Find inner tubes and float down a nearby river
  • Go ice blocking—slide down big hills on a large block of ice. Bring towels to lay on the ice (to sit on).
  • Go on a picnic, but choose somewhere extremely random--like on your roof
  • Build a sand castle—this could be at the beach, or even in a sand box
  • Glow sticks in a park – need we say more
  • Go on a nature hike—pick wild flowers or have a picnic 
  • Watch the sunrise—watch the sunset
  • Pick Wild Berries
  • Play Frisbee golf
  • Geocaching—This can be a lot of fun
  • Find a muddy area, dress in old clothing and have a mud fight.
  • Play your favorite sport together
  • Play capture-the-flag or hide-and-seek in a park
  • Play croquet at a park—maybe on your school campus grounds
  • Go rollerblading – better yet, go roller-skating!
  • Go fishing
  • Wash your cars together—It's always fun to play with water
  • Plant something together—A tree, flowers, vegetables… anything at all! 
  • Have a water balloon fight or set up a slip-in-slide
  • Walk your dog(s)—or borrow a neighbor’s dog
  • Build a snowman—Have a snowball fight
  • Find a big hill and go sledding
  • Rent a paddle boat or canoe
  • Go boating
  • Water parks
  • Outdoor Water balloon volleyball date
    • Directions: Several couples stand on each side of a volleyball net.  Each couple holds a towel stretched between them.  Throw and catch the water balloon using only the towels.   
  • Rock Climbing
  • Go to the library or a book store and find books with tongue twisters, puzzles, I-Spy, etc. - Then find a park and spend some time reading to eachother.
  • Horseback Riding is a great outdoor date idea
  • Dance in the rain
  • Hike to see waterfalls or wildflowers
  • Lie in the grass and find shapes in the clouds
  • Set up a lemonade stand
  • Have a Tin-foil dinners...cookout
  • Go to the park, feed the ducks, play on ALL the toys
  • Have a whipped Cream fight.. Buy at least 3 bottles per person, they go really fast. See who can stay the cleanest.~Kayla F
  • Make a slip and Slide out of long rolls of plastic, you can Buy them at Menards. Lay out two rolls, make sure to overlap them, and cover them in shampoo, or dish soap (much cheaper).. It lasts hours! invite your siblings to join in, it's a nice way for your bf/gf to bond with you family too!~ Kayla F
  • Dodge sprinklers on the public golf course or public park and see who can stay the driest. ~ Anonymous
  • Have a pie fight with lots of pies made in advance. Surprise your date when you trow the first pie! ~ Peter

  • Picture scavenger hunt- Double date, split into couples and take pictures (within a defined area) and then swap cameras with the other couple and see who can be the first to find where the pictures were taken and imitate them. ~ Matt

  • Go to a lake and dance on the dock. ~ Anonymous
  • Go snorkeling at the beach ~ Mikayla D

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